Break the Bias?

How about you #CuttheShit.

Break the Bias?

How about you #CuttheShit.

So long as men can freely identify into womanhood, this signalling about #breakthebias is utter signalling horseshit.

It’s up there with “embrace your femininity” and #leanin and other overprivileged, trite, vapid platitudes that are nothing but another thing to check off in Trello for your cynical, manipulative content calendar, talking about issues you’ve got absolutely no freaking clue about, because despite generations of bare-knuckled fighting for the right of women and girls to be literate, vote and work – you don’t effing read or do anything remotely uncomfortable whilst you coast off the back of other women’s trauma and labour.

Reading is for nerds and Karens. #Girlpower and #gratitude is where its at. All the optics and clicks, none of the class consciousness, hard work, suffering or patriarchal pushback.

It’s like the running of the bullshit today.

Don’t #breakthebias.


Corporate she/her: you don’t give two hoots about women. You care about getting yourself to the next rung up past the glass ceiling you unilaterally declared was broken, whilst laying a brick for every woman beneath you.

If you’d had the privilege of being ‘assigned male at birth’, you’d be first in line to shout down women, send them threats and dick pics, and condescendingly tell them how they just don’t understand what words mean and what books say and most definitely can’t understand the complexity of something like… power structures, cultural hegemony, imperialism, patriarchy, capital and how all of that colludes to turn narcissists and Machiavellians into a sanitised mouthpiece for corporate nothingburgers… whilst telling women like me to shut up because we’re making things a bit awkward at the morning tea.

If you cared about women, you’d listen, prioritise our needs and concerns about the safety, welfare and mental health of all women, especially our most vulnerable women, and not act as interference for patriarchal WASP domination, gaslighting, control, submission and coercion for your personal benefit.

If you cared about women, you’d elevate voices like mine, rather than congratulating the men who do fuck all except post a heart emoji once a year in-between all the eggplants. Instead, you call for *our* censorship, and removal of *our* ability to earn an income.

Because you care about women. You care about #iwd2022. You totes care about #breakthebias even though you’re the one who most needs to stop perpetuating institutional misogyny and wielding your economic and social status like a weapon against vulnerable women who need your help.

Just #cuttheshit.

Or at least say a quiet thank you to women like me, who want better for you even when you punch us in the face, turn your backs on us and constantly walk all over the bodies of women who suffer (but hey, they’re Manolos!) because of unfortunate and inconvenient chromosomes, whilst being told we can’t even claim that anymore.


I #breakthebias every day. I #paytheprice.

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