I’m Téa, and I have spent way too much time on the Internet. I managed to justify my addiction by making it my job. I’ve (both intentionally and unintentionally) made myself a crash test dummy for the information revolution for nearly 30 years. 

Unlike those who like to drift out of their lanes, I only have expertise in three things, which just happen to be the things that everyone has an opinion on: politics/policy, the internet, and how to change hearts and minds (and mostly, how these three things intersect/collide to … well… *gestures at everything*…)

Like all things internet-related, I threw myself into the post-Trump internet wars and came out (relatively) unscathed and (thankfully) with some answers about why everyone has lost their damn minds.

Now, my focus is on how tech companies changed the deal, and making sure they are not allowed to memory hole it and are held to account to users.

I'd like to fix the Internet, plskthxbai

In the 90’s, we were sold an incredible dream, that now resembles every nightmare coming true.

That dream is still possible if we can push through some uncomfortable and brutally honest conversations.

Good people with good intentions built fan communities in good faith. But the deal changed, turning our fan communities into full-blown cults and cynical market segments.

I’m vocal in my criticism of unethical digital marketing practices, particularly around political marketing and radicalisation.

I want to work with like-minded people who *care* about the psychological, social and political impact the industry has caused.

Despite things being scary and uncertain (and sometimes downright dystopian), I am one of the few people that still has hope. I constantly strive for better ways to do things, different ways to look at problems, or better ways to persuade and reach people who most need to hear my message.

Welcome to dystopia.


After a couple of years slightly adrift (because I shut down my agency), I am working on ways to educate people about the internet, its history, politics, and radicalisation. 

In reality, I spend way too much time explaining basic political concepts, teaching Grade 5 media literacy, scolding tech bros, being ignored by tech bros, but still trying to save people, one at a time, from the dystopian shithouse that Zuck and Jack built. 

Or, rather, stole from us and sold back a crappier product at twice the price. Ah, America.

I have a newsletter, blog and podcast called Dying by the Sword, focused on this, and I am writing a book with the same name. At some point. If I ever get a book deal or enough Patrons. Help me or I’ll email you a goatse. Yeah, don’t click on that link. I’ve seen way too much. Yeah don’t click on that either.