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Nobody likes a smartarse
It may surprise you to learn that I can be… kind of an arsehole at times. It’s never intentional, but let’s just say I am acutely aware of my… um… gaps. Part hard-wired, part adaptive, part just learning the hard way that nobody likes a precocious kid, a know-it-all or a big mouth and yet still having to suppress my uncontrollable spergy rage when someone is wrong, ignorant or lying. Which, when my interest is in the politics of the...
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He died trying
But maybe the trying is the point?
25 Oct 2023
Why I'm Voting Yes
They asked me to.
13 Oct 2023
The Eternal September 11
Rules for thee, not for me. Huh.
18 Sep 2023
I’m just grateful to be here.
Remember what matters.
14 May 2023
'Personal responsibility' for thee, but not for me
The only thing that trickles down is piss.
12 May 2023

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Felt cute, won't edit later

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