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January 12, 2024
Sixteen years. So many great memories. Great example of early co-design and what was possible if you listened to user feedback. A deep, deep love for a marvellous and important product. There are some who may think it is ‘cringe’ – as the kids say today – to be sad. But it is okay to be sad when you have invested time, and emotions and have happy memories attached to something. So many take tech for granted. They don’t see...
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Seriously, eat my poo and kiss my piss
8 Jan 2024
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31 Oct 2023
He died trying
But maybe the trying is the point?
25 Oct 2023
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They asked me to.
13 Oct 2023
The Eternal September 11
Rules for thee, not for me. Huh.
18 Sep 2023

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