The Obesity Myth

The Obesity Myth

I have been reading this book called “The Obesity Myth” by Paul Campos,
and it is a really interesting, compelling investigation into America’s
(and can easily be translated into Australia) obsession with weight
(read: thinness).

I can’t recommend this book highly enough — it is really a fascinating
read. If you liked “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, “The CUlture of
Fear” by Barry Glassner, etc, I urge you to check it out.

He basically looks at the obesity “epidemic” in a socio-political
framework, and explores the studies that have created the multi-billion
dollar diet industry, as well as the hysterical nature in which obesity
is reported. He debunks the causal links between “obesity” and heart
disease/diabetes, and says that weight isn’t the issue — it is actually
healthy eating and activity levels that determine our risk factors.
Moderately active obese people have the same risk factors as moderately
active thin people — and he even goes on to say that there appears to be
a higher mortality risk associated with being thin, or in the BMI “ideal
weight” category, particularly if you are over 65.

It can be found on Amazon, not sure if its available here, but it has
really given me some amazing perspective in a way that I best understand
– from a political/sociological point of view, intrinsically linked to
class and prejudice.

And, if you want to buy it, feel free to use my affiliate link (although you dont have to):

Obesity Myth by Paul Campos

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