Why I Refuse to Feed My Art to the AI Beast: A Creative’s Stand

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Why I Refuse to Feed My Art to the AI Beast: A Creative’s Stand

I am frustrated by the fact that everything I put online is being scraped by AI, essentially training it without my consent. The law needs to catch up and protect creators like myself from having their work exploited in this way. It feels like I have dedicated a significant portion of my life to my art, only to have it taken advantage of without any regard for the value it holds.

I am questioning the motivation behind continuing to create when my work is constantly at risk of being harvested by algorithms. Despite pouring my heart and soul into my art for decades, it seems it is not enough to escape being used as a tool to train AI. The demands placed on creators like myself, while also facing the threat of having our work taken from us, is demoralising and unjust.

The constant dilemma of whether to continue creating in a digital landscape where one’s work is vulnerable to exploitation by AI is overwhelming. It is disheartening to see the art I have poured my time and energy into potentially ending up in the hands of those who did not create it. The lack of protection for creators in the face of advancing technology is a bitter pill to swallow after dedicating so much to perfecting our craft.

The emotional toll of knowing that my artistic creations are easily accessible to AI for exploitation is weighing heavily on me. Despite decades of effort to perfect my art, the risk of having it scraped and used without my permission is disheartening. The struggle to find the motivation to continue creating when faced with this reality is a constant battle that seems increasingly difficult to overcome.

Reflecting on the years of hard work and dedication I have put into cultivating my art, the thought of it being harvested by AI technology without proper protection is infuriating. The lack of respect for creators and their work in the digital age has turned what should be a platform for sharing creativity and expression into a battleground for ownership and control. It is a daunting prospect to consider the future of art in a landscape where creators are left vulnerable to exploitation and theft.