How I feel about video, 3 months (or so) in.

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How I feel about video, 3 months (or so) in.

Summary 1: The speaker is feeling frustrated while trying to work on a website and takes a break to reflect on their experience doing videos for the past three months. They discuss their initial fear of doing videos and how they have gradually become more comfortable in front of the camera. The speaker admits to still struggling with certain aspects, but believes that the experience of livestreaming and facing trolls has helped build resilience.

Summary 2: Despite initial fears, the speaker has embraced doing videos on YouTube and has started appearing on other channels as well. They recently had a great chat with Carter at unsafe space and discussed topics such as advice for parents and their own journey in navigating the online space. They admit to making mistakes along the way but have learned from them. The speaker plans to share the chat on the channel and is reflecting on their progression from being nervous and stuttering on screen to feeling more comfortable with lights and cameras.

Summary 3: The speaker acknowledges that everyone initially fears doing videos but stresses the importance of pushing through and gaining resiliency. They express that livestreaming helps in building this resilience as trolls and unexpected events are a part of it. The speaker believes that sharing their imperfect and flawed self on live streams rather than presenting polished content is valuable for viewers. They draw a parallel to stand-up comedy and say they may consider doing stand-up one day. While they still struggle with anxiety and the unpredictability of live streams, they embrace the surrender and the learning process that comes with it.

Summary 4: The speaker highlights the tendency to overanalyze and strive for perfection as barriers to starting something new. They encourage others to just do what they want to do without worrying about being perfect or having all the right resources. The speaker recounts their own experience, admitting to not wearing makeup and having difficulty multitasking. Despite losing their train of thought, they continue talking and shooting the breeze. They mention that they are starting to appear on other channels and are considering having guests on their own channel.

Summary 5: Reflecting on the past three months, the speaker discusses their personal journey of learning and growth with video content creation. They emphasize the importance of not comparing oneself to others and running their own race. The speaker shares that they have a backlog of content ideas they have been wanting to pursue, but have been holding off to improve their skills and overcome their stutter. They admit to still getting rattled by negative comments and distractions, but remain determined to push forward and improve.

Summary 6: The speaker expresses frustration while trying to work on a website, leading them to take a break and reflect on their video creation journey. They talk about their initial fears of doing videos and how they have gradually become more comfortable over the past three months. The speaker discusses appearing on other channels, giving advice for parents and sharing their own experience of making mistakes and learning. They highlight the value of live streams in building resilience and the possibility of doing stand-up comedy in the future. The speaker admits to still struggling with anxiety and multitasking, but embraces the imperfections and the learning process. Despite reservations, they share their belief that it is important for viewers to witness vulnerability and imperfection. They talk about their engagement with trolls and the occasional heckler, and express their willingness to handle hate on social media. Finally, the speaker mentions being increasingly involved in other channels and feeling ready to have guests on their own channel in the future.