The Comedy Diaries – 26 Mar 2024

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The Comedy Diaries – 26 Mar 2024

Initially, I am grappling with the decision to pursue standup comedy, considering feedback I’ve received about my potential in the field. Over the years, I have observed patterns and messages guiding me towards this path, which have intensified recently, leading me to seriously consider taking a step towards this new venture.

In light of the support and suggestions from fellow comedians and my own desire to explore this avenue, I am venturing into the world of standup comedy, acknowledging the challenges and uncertainties that come with such a career shift. The decision to focus on my comedic talent is fuelled by a desire to break free from seeking approval and seriousness, and embracing the humour that naturally aligns with my abilities and aspirations.

As I embark on this new journey, documenting my thoughts and emotions, and considering the logistics of building a comedic presence both online and on stage, are vital aspects of the process. While facing inner doubts and fears, along with practical considerations like crafting jokes and refining my material, I am preparing myself for the transformative experience of entering the world of standup comedy, keeping an open and accountable communication with my audience.

With a commitment to honing my comedic voice and potentially engaging with audiences in various settings, such as corporate events or workshops, contributing to the evolving narrative of my comedy career requires navigational efforts between self-discovery, audience expectations, and financial sustainability. By balancing introspection, creative output, and audience engagement, my aim is to develop a meaningful and authentic presence in the comedy landscape.