[Team Grith] Can horses consent when they break hymens? What?

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[Team Grith] Can horses consent when they break hymens? What?

Summary 1:
In this podcast/video show, we discuss what it’s like to be in a relationship as autistic individuals. We explore various topics, including virginity, hymens, and unusual experiences with porn. This show aims to shed light on our unique perspectives and experiences.

Summary 2:
As autistic individuals on the spectrum, we dive into the topic of virginity, exploring what it means and its relationship to our own lives. We discuss the concept in relation to breaking the hymen and share personal stories related to porn, including finding horse porn as a surprising discover in a VCR tape.

Summary 3:
We share a personal story involving the discovery of horse porn, highlighting the absurdity of the situation. As we recount finding it in a VCR tape cover that pretended to be a documentary about dogs, we emphasize how times have changed with the easy accessibility of porn thanks to the internet and discuss the distribution restrictions in the past.

Summary 4:
Reflecting on the evolution of accessing porn, we discuss the differences between previous generations and our own. Sharing our own experiences, we recount discovering a VCR tape cover that appeared to be about dogs, but actually contained explicit content involving women engaging in sexual acts with animals.

Summary 5:
In a personal anecdote, we remember finding explicit content in a VCR tape labeled as a documentary about dogs. The discovery not only illustrates the distribution methods for porn in the past but also acknowledges the easy accessibility of porn in the present, thanks to the internet. We recount watching the tape and realizing its explicit content involving women and animals, including one particular scene with a horse.