[Clip] Christopher Rufo NEVER has a point. You’re Cooked.

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[Clip] Christopher Rufo NEVER has a point. You’re Cooked.

Summarize the following transcript by producing a series of summaries, starting with a two-sentence summary and then creating subsequent summaries that are each about twice as long as their predecessor. It is essential that each summary is a complete and thorough representation of the whole transcript, independent of the other summaries, so that the reader can understand the content without needing to refer to any of the other summaries for context or clarification. Create a total of 5-7 independent summaries of progressively increasing size, in expository paragraphs and in first person point of view, as the speaker. Output in UK English, and active voice. Transcript: Oh my God fucking hell your brain is cooked get some therapy turn off your phone read or go out go and hang I’m I swear to God there was like eight Epstein fucking spaces it’s like what the fuck who cares oh my God this stuff if you read the 2025 project even

Regardless of what is true and what in any of these things okay it’s it’s it’s a funnel for the far right this stuff don’t participate stop dragging your friends into fascism okay please just stop okay doesn’t matter if it’s true at this point it’s the same thing okay

There we go so the Claud and gay thing there’s a good example of that academic plagiarism yes bad academic mix conduct bad from what I can see those charges were fairly minor okay but you’re arguing about the quibbles of plagiarism M that’s what fucking you know disinfo

People want you to do what you need to understand is that she was a Target and then they found stuff okay so what happens is and I’ve talked about this before with Twitter and stuff with them you know if you’re a Target they will find something they will fucking Mass

Report you they will you know like I’ve talked about this before about how Mass reporting like troll farms and stuff um what they will do is they make you a Target but what they’ll do is they’ll keep reporting your account report your account report your account report your

Account report your account report your account and then all you need to do is trip up so all you so like you could be doing something fairly benign fairly normal but it technically Breaks the Rules okay in my case it was you know at real Donald Trump send nudes and using

The word cunt and like making a joke okay and so they just report and report and report and report and report and Report yeah technically it broke the rules but they were Mass reporting okay that’s the same thing with it’s like with Claud and gay okay now am I

Sympathetic to the head of Harvard fuck no probably a cunt okay doesn’t matter not the point the point is that she was a Target because of her race and because of her position on Israel okay and because she would refuse to you know tow the line okay she was a Target and then

They went digging okay now I would put this rhetorical question to most people which is that you know what if you’re a the only reason why your daughter is not weaponized against you the only reason why you’re you know you you you are functioning and the only reason why you

Know you don’t see a problem with a lot of this like collection of your data is because you’re not a Target the second you are a Target all of this stuff can come back and like destroy your life and that is a burn like that is not

Acceptable okay and and you know it is linked very much to this data stuff which is that you know if you’re a Target do you do you want a world where people you don’t like where people can any any kind of Target okay you get on

The wrong side of the IDF in this case okay you’ve seen it with your own eyes okay you get on the wrong side of an argument and they go for you and then what they do is they dig through your your your your private data your texts your fucking you know your friendships

They you know your your your relationships your one nighters your Tinder account your fucking chats you know every little bit of like anything that you’ve done everything that you’ve done with you know everything you’ve Googled okay and suddenly everyone’s going well she shouldn’t have Googled that or she shouldn’t have done that she

Shouldn’t have watched that PornHub video okay all right yeah you’re arguing about the thing not the actual bigger problem and that was that’s that’s the argument with with Claude and gate okay which was that she was precisely a Target by these fuckheads who abuse they deliberately rufo Christopher rufo

Particularly has like said that that was the plan make this is this is why it’s so backwards and why I get so frustrated with lefties okay arguing the quibbles of plagiarism yeah no one’s disagreeing with it okay I think that I agree but that said I mean from what I can see the

Charges aren’t that serious anyway would I expect better of the president of Harvard absolutely yes okay but it’s a separate issue it’s got nothing to do it’s at some point the context matters and this is what the fire right does talking about closed-minded Mr outlawed thoughts yes I’m sure you’re very edgy

With your very risky thoughts okay that happen to comply with everything that the fucking most dominant political party in the most powerful country in the world wants you to think you’re a rebel good on you you’re an independent thinker who only consumes memes about them and probably buys every pump and

Dump crypto that exists as well thinking that you’re fighting the man um anyway so roasting this guy again I’m straw Manning is anonymous an anonymous straw man showed up in my chat and it’s a gift okay if it was an individual I would you know like

You guys know that if it was an individual that’d be nice all right this guy’s just fucking cooked so anyway if it was one of my regulars you you guys know me well enough to know now that I you know no it’s still probably tell you

To fuck off cuz kind anyway what was I saying oh yeah about you know like the point with Claudine day okay not cluding gay was the fact is that you’ve got it backwards okay and this is back to how they want you arguing in the never ending Forum bump over the details where

That that’s what the thought termination is with this farri right shit okay they can’t win the macro I’ve talked about this before they can’t win the macro argument where you go what kind of person are you what world are you bringing about what Solutions are you asking for they cannot say that they

Cannot reveal that they cannot not because most people will go that’s horrible no if you look at the project 2025 project okay Liah Miller she’s a JD in the United States she actually did a good breakdown on it I like that okay this is not like you know

Like it’s there it’s written in plain sight what the kind of handmaid’s taale bullshit that the Heritage Foundation want to bring about okay it is right there they launder it through people who are reasonable thinking that stuff is reasonable okay they use the fucking trans issue with feminists they use

These fucking cleavages they use them to get you doing mouthpiece shit for shit that’s more Sinister because they’re pulling you into the funnel this is the thing that I keep trying to explain okay so it’s not about plagiarism it is about the fact that they made that woman a

Target and they didn’t stop okay they gave her the Bud Light treatment if you were and then what this I saw this with radf with over deal Dylan Mory where it’s like okay what you know it’s not about the transition it’s about the fact that they harassed somebody made them a

Target and destroy it is the behavior not the belief the behavior okay Cults are not about the belief they are about Behavior okay they use the belief to sweep you into the cult okay and then you find yourself you know engaging in certain behaviors and you know again

Behave a certain way I’m TW again the way that it’s defined you know the way that you define a cult is you know it’s not you can build a cult around any belief okay uh religious secular nothing okay you can build a cult around anything fucking internet proves that

Okay literally everything is a fucking cult but Cults behave in a certain way which is with group think with thought terminating cliches with milu control they control the information they behave they harass out groups they scapegoat they do all of these things that’s a cult so if you’re sitting around and

Going well actually it’s plagiarism yeah it’s no more plagiarism than Scientology is about a fucking personality test okay it is not the same thing they made her a Target and they found a thing that you pushed which was the quibbles of quibbles of plagiarism it’s the same

Thing with AI with this copyright law shit pushing the quibbles of copyright law getting you to argue like you know whatever Sam anex on the internet and a never ending foreign bump okay and making it so that you you know people are distracted from the bigger picture which is that this is wholesale

Exploitation and theft by people who said one thing and did another and are now valued $100 billion okay it is a it’s it’s it’s it’s really if you can’t argue at that level of simple morality and I’m not talking about the quibbles of philosophy okay again the guys that

Do this will go into quibbles they will talk about fucking deontological fucking worldview versus a consequentialist world it’s like shut the fuck up it’s wrong you’re a bad person and your motiv and just stop lying people lie to themselves with Theory okay they lie to themselves with philosophy they lie to

Themselves with semantics and what they do is they’ll sit there and they’ll quibble on the internet okay and they’ll pull you into a funnel because you’re sitting there going well that sounds true and then you again this is how James Lindsay does his thing and how

They they recruit in that area which is that he just says lots of big words that anyone who knows what he’s talking about knows he full of shit he’s just lying it’s not what it means but they use the and Jordan Peterson they use these terms and people just like a thought

Termination and they go oh yeah he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about he’s got a p okay I don’t have time to really look into that okay well he must be saying like the right thing it’s like no he’s cherry picking he’s using jarg this is why you should be

Suspicious of people who just hide in jargon and argue quibbles it’s why I if you watch me online you’ll know that I don’t engage in it I can do it I understand it but that’s not what it’s for I’m not arguing on the internet with dickheads in their never- ending fucking

Quest to get their dick out in my face fuck off no you’re are I’m not it’s not cuz I can’t win it it’s because it’s a pointless and B also like it’s not good faith you’re not engaging in good fi it’s that firing it’s so it’s SOA

Waterers no but you get what like it’s like I know what I know I’m not going to argue with you on quibbles because it really some things are just about principles okay and just because I’m simplifying it and zooming out doesn’t mean I don’t understand the details okay

Hi Isaac I’ve had this for ages okay I’ve had it for ages and I bought it at a party store and I love it it is just such a great prop because you get into it and you get intense and you go all right and

Have a drink it was like it’s just a it’s just one of those like hens night party shop things it’s not very good quality but it’s the best money I ever spent but it’s just like aside from the dildo that I have that’s actually not a drink bottle that’s the no I’m kidding

No but I’m saying it really I think that this is the problem just overarching which is The Lies We Tell ourselves okay and anything can be rationalized with Theory okay anything can be rationalized behind sort of a legal argument okay and anything can be rationalized behind but

You know it’s harder to just go within and go you know what hold a mirror to yourself and hold a mirror and go you know what do I like who I am do I you know the way that I go through the world

Is this who I wanted to be when I was a kid okay do I you know what that person is telling me that what I’m doing is wrong well how do I I’m going to take that on board and go am I am I falling into fascism because you know I’m going to

Look up how that happens I’m going to reflect on that and go okay well my mom my sister my friends half of the internet experts the government um teachers you know everyone is saying that maybe I have been radicalized maybe I have shit I should look that up and go

All right well you have you have you have access to that information now with AI this is the upside of AI do you know what AI tools do you can ask it anything it doesn’t judge you okay you could go and open chat GPT and say hey my friends

Have told me that I’m radicalized and that I’m like falling into the far right why would that be can you ask can can you can you you know give a prompt right I’ll try I could give you a prompt if you want why would they be saying that

You know can you can you check can you ask me some questions and determine whether I am if you are a good faith person and you you are doing the work and looking and you know all of that stuff you can go to being and ask that

Okay am I at risk of rad am I at risk here why is everyone saying this what is that person CU I don’t I don’t expend energy I’ve got any number of things that I could be doing right now okay I could be making making money become a

Patron I could be making money right for a start I could be you know reading more literature I could be reading more research papers I could be spending time with my children I could be doing literally anything and right now I’m sitting here spending the time to warn

People and and and tell them that they’re falling into a rabbit hole okay because I care about that okay it’s happens to be something that I care about the same thing with AI I think that we can do better I said this in the last stream I think that we you know

Without this fucking oh yeah what are you going to say well it’s all them it’s all fucked yes it’s by Design wo is me well it’s easy to be nihilistic because if you’re nihilistic you don’t have to do anything you can just sit and winge