[ADHD as Fuck] Laughing at dickheads, working at home & getting through COVID-19 without going mad.

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[ADHD as Fuck] Laughing at dickheads, working at home & getting through COVID-19 without going mad.

Summary 1: The speaker starts the transcript by expressing frustration with technical issues regarding the restream API and multi streaming. They mention their bad day and the current state of the world due to the pandemic. They also mention a person who hoarded hand sanitizers and tries to resell them, and remark that no one feels sorry for this person.

Summary 2: The speaker continues to delve into their frustrations and technical issues with working from home. They mention the challenges of being responsible for fixing problems oneself and complain about their bad day. They also comment on the irony of the hoarder of hand sanitizers facing consequences for trying to profit off of it.

Summary 3: The speaker mocks the hoarder of hand sanitizers, explaining how he bought up a large quantity of bottles with the intention to sell them, but had his listings shut down by Amazon and faced criticism. The speaker expresses disbelief that anyone could feel sorry for the hoarder, given the context of the shortage and rationing of sanitizers in hospitals.

Summary 4: The speaker discusses encountering people trying to buy surgical masks from their doctor’s office and expresses frustration and confusion as to why they have such a sense of entitlement. They wonder about the mindset of those who hoard essential supplies during a crisis and offer their understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset via their knowledge of figures like Gary Vee.

Summary 5: The speaker talks about their own challenges with technical difficulties while working from home and the frustration and embarrassment it brings. They mention their tailbone pain and ADHD medication add to their stress levels. They remark on the importance of having a good setup and workflow in a work-from-home situation to avoid similar issues.

Summary 6: Reflecting on the hoarder and people attempting to profit from essential supplies, the speaker comments on the disrespect these actions show toward the seriousness of the current situation and the needs of others. They question the mentality behind these actions and express frustration and anger toward such behavior.

Summary 7: Describing the difficulties faced in their own life, the speaker emphasizes the contrast between their minor problems compared to the hoarder and explains how life challenges and technological issues can cause frustration and make one feel foolish. They recognize the importance of empathy and consider the potential financial impact of their own situation.