Howdy, stranger!

You Can read, but not write comments.

The comments section is the bane of everyone’s online existence. Anyone with their right mind would turn them off. But, I want to foster conversation and debate, but in a fuckwit-free setting.

So, commenting is a Pay-to-play feature. If you’ve made a donation, have an active subscription, or are a Patron, you can participate in the conversation.

As a guest you can still read the conversation, and if the mood strikes, you can leave a tip or join… I think that’s fair (also, testing this for other bigger communities as an option, as I do…) 

It is pay-what you can, so enter an amount and you will then be directed to the checkout. If you’d like to participate but can’t afford it, of course, get in touch and we’ll figure something out.

VIPs get: