Yet another sign I am a grownup…

Yet another sign I am a grownup…

I have started to think that it is time to actually decorate my house.

Over the years, we have acquired various things and it has been kinda eclectic. I guess its the earmark of the younger couple — A new bed here, a big screen TV, cabinets from IKEA that sit either side of said TV, the same dining suite that we bought secondhand years ago… etc. But we’ve never really gotten any furniture — you know, things like hutches and buffets and side tables and pictures that are not autographed Kevin Smith posters or Red Dot frames. I have cheap bookshelves that are overflowing… and things tend to accumulate on the bench or on my desk because things don’t really have a place.

So now, I am feeling like I was to grow up and really want to properly decorate my house. I think it has something to do with the fact that we moved into a bigger house from a very small one and now have a lot of empty, dead areas, and I am finding it frustrating that I don’t walk into my house and feel like it’s “home”.

The problem is, I have NO idea where to begin. I look at houses in catalagues and magazines and they are filled with allsorts of storage ideas and the houses look really nice, but I really have no clue on how to put it together in a way that I like. I don’t want to go super cheap either — but it needs to be able to be jumped on by 2, maybe 3 children and survive red cordial spills. We are getting new laminate flooring put into the living areas in the coming months so I am holding off until then, but I do really want my furniture purchases to be actually considered, functional, but also hard wearing and making my house look nice overall.

Its hard to achieve — does anyone have any tips on how to begin with my journey into adulthood? I am guessing it might begin with throwing away that bookcase I got for $20 when I left home at 16 eh…

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