Women's Rights are Worker's Rights

International Women's Day is inflicted on us all.

Women’s Rights are Worker’s Rights

International Women's Day is inflicted on us all.

Originally posted on LinkedIn. Not talking to you. You’re great.

I’d like to point out that #iwd2022 is sponsored by John Deere, who recently had a stand-off for *months* with workers who wanted a living wage and went on strike.

That’s who these organisations do business with.

John Deere wants to be right with women after destroying working class families lives by starving them out for months over a few bucks during a pandemic.

This is who organisations do business with.

Anti-worker businesses.

Anti-worker businesses are anti-woman businesses. Women’s rights are worker’s rights.

Women (and particularly Indigenous women/women of colour) are the least job-secure, in the lowest paid industries, and retire with the least amount of Superannuation. Even in management positions we are expected to do more free labour, do more hours for less pay, and have fewer promotional opportunities, even if you are more experienced and educated.

Not to mention the bloody constant mansplaining and gaslighting about how none of this is true.

And yet #iwd2022 accept the money of Jon Deere so that John Deere can wipe this reality away. And you’re all dumb enough to fall for it with your dumb selfies, because it’s not like you actually care about the issues.

The feminist movement is, and always will be, inextricably tied with the labour movement. No matter how much you try to distance yourself from that icky working class.

If you don’t support one, STFU about the other and stop hijacking all the hard-earned street cred of actual feminists.


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