When you’ve lost me, you know there’s a problem.

When you’ve lost me, you know there’s a problem.

You all may have noticed the conspicuous lack of Election commentary on my blog. I am as surprised as the rest of you — after all, I had great plans of educating the ill-informed about how “preferences just flow” in Elections; I had considered a rant about John Howard being a snotty little shit (ok, well I have done that one before), I thought about a blog about Mark I-only-agree-with-him-50%-of-the-time-at-best-but- he’s-better-than-the-alternative Latham… but, I can’t explain it.

I completely lack inspiration about this campaign. In 1998 I did letterbox drops for my local member at 2 in the morning, manned the polling booth, and got pissed at the commiseration party. In 2001 I was less active but still as passionate, if not burned out by ALP bullshit. But this time around, I am a different person. I am a person who has woken up to Politics. OK, at least I have woken up to power and how it corrupts.

Is it wrong to be a political person, yet not give a shit about an election?

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