What, When, Why?

What, When, Why?

Tealou is a very private person (believe it or not) but without divulging too much of what she would like private I would like to tell you what she is going through and why she needs to be in the thoughts of all her friends. Tealou needs as much positive energy directed towards her as possible.

Tealou was admitted into a private hospital here in Perth (the name of which I will share when it becomes relevant, you will see why it isn’t yet further down) on the 17th of July. Tealou went for surgery to her stomach which if all went well she would be discharged from hospital between 1 and 3 days later.

After the surgery Tealou was in a significant amount of pain. Tealou would fall in and out of consciousness, screaming from the pain when she was awake. I was told by the Dr that the pain was probably being caused by a perforation (he used the word ‘leak’) in the stomach and Tealou went into surgery again on Thursday the 20th.

During the surgery the Dr cleaned out Tealou’s insides and inserted drains to help remove any extra ‘fluid’ (stomach acids and the like I assume). A tube also removes Tealou’s ‘fluid’ from the inside, draining through her nose. No leak was found during the surgery but it is there somewhere. It is assumed that this ‘leak’ should close up by itself.

Since the surgery on the 20th, Tealou has been kept unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. A machine breathes for her and she is hooked up with about 6 IV’s. Tealou is currently fighting Sepsis brought on by a big infection which caused her temperature to spike to 40’Celcius. While her progress seems to be non existent at the moment her temp has fallen to the high 37’s which is an improvement.

It is unknown when Tealou will be able to be woken up as she is not improving as fast as Dr’s would like. As I write this, Tealou has been unconscious in the ICU for 4 days. Another Dr was called in to give another opinion today to see if there is anything else that can be done to help her. As of writing this, I haven’t heard if the new Doc have any other ideas or not.

I don’t want her location to be public just yet because the ICU is busy tending to the needs of its patients and doesn’t have the resources to deal with calls about Tealou or flower deliveries. When Tealou is finally out of the ICU she will be able to receive flowers and cards. I will publish the name of the hospital for anyone who wants to know then.

When Tealou leaves the ICU she will still have a long stay in hospital ahead as her stomach will not work and she will require bed rest and nourishment through an IV line. I’m sure when this happens she will demand her laptop so she can talk to all her online friends.

Finally, I have created this site firstly to update everyone on Tealou’s current condition but also because it is not guaranteed that Tealou will make it out of the ICU. While I personally believe that she will be alright there is a chance that she will be unable to fight this infection. This, above all else, is why she needs your thoughts. I will update you on her condition daily so check back regularly.

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