What a nice feeling…

What a nice feeling…

…to have my feet firmly planted on the ground after a couple of weeks of chaos.

I finally made it back to Perth on the 10th, and the dust has only just settled, as I was only given a week to start the job I was offered. However, this week I have decided to quit and focus on my studies and do some preliminary studies for my Grad Dip Ed next year.

I have a 50 minute drive to and from work, and have a few problems with stress and palpitations (for which I am seeing a cardiologist next week! argggh), and, as you can imagine, being stuck in traffic is not that good for my health. Also, the money I am shelling out for daycare and the time I am forfeiting with my daughter just doesn’t make it worth it.

So I am going back to uni full time as of next week, staying at home with Mina and enjoying it for the next year and a half until I become a high school teacher. Woohoo!

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