Well, yes…

Well, yes…

A commenter on my blog (Craig) reminded me that I actually do have a blog and a life and that I should post…

Jules Patrick was born on November 7. The c-section was brought forward because my preeclampsia finally escalated, but all is well, apart from a few hiccups. I had a spinal headache from the epidural which seems to be wearing off gradually, but doesn’t allow me to stare at a computer screen for too long. Otherwise, things are going well.

In other news, I get to break some nice Lisa Loeb news, being the admin and all… she’s currently producing a reality show called “#1 Single”, which is about Lisa trying to find a man, being 35, in New York, and busy…a la Sex and the City but without the vacuousness…we hope 🙂

Being single in the city takes on a new twist in this new series following Billboard-topping singer Lisa Loeb on her quest to have it all: love, success; career and family. And E! Entertainment Television’s new unscripted series “#1 Single” will be there to capture each step in the process. Newly single, Loeb is moving back to New York, where she will dip her toe into the dating pool for the first time since college. The performer’s one-of-a-kind approach to life will be the subject of the new eight-part series, “#1 Single,” set to premiere in January 2006, it was announced today by Lisa Berger, Senior Vice President, Programming Development, E! Networks.

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