We will resume our normal programming… soon. Or something.

We will resume our normal programming… soon. Or something.

Thanks to all the folks that keep visiting despite my conspicuous lack of updates in the past week. Between computer problems, uni starting back, and basking in that post-election glow (man I want a cigarette), and other really dorky things (ie musical projects involving much-watered-down recording processes), I simply haven’t been following much of what’s been happening.

I am picking up a new computer tomorrow. Well, the beginnings of a new computer… case, cpu, mainboard, ram, monitor and speakers — with the rest to follow when I get the money together, so I imagine that blog time will be eroded by finally being able to play Half Life 2 and Far Cry. Bad guys go SPLAT!

Maybe I can review them or something. I’ve always meant to write game reviews that aren’t based on fps and performance, but focused purely on being a girl that likes first person shooters and strategy games.

I also have THREE essays due on the SAME DAY. Mark April 8th in your calendars because that is bound to be the time when an unusual number of procrastination-inspired blog entries start appearing. Hopefully I can be a good girl and get my economics essay out of the way this week. Tchyeah…

So anyway, thats enough shit-talk from me for the time being. More quality (relatively speaking) entries to come! Thanks for reading.

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