Waving like an angry Sim…

Waving like an angry Sim…

This is the key to my success… or is it?

It seems that publishers are now taking notice of the Blog thing. I’d better lift my game — who knows, there could be limitless fame and fortune awaiting me.

Or not.

We all know that most writers still survive on baked beans, even if they are published. Now, children’s books , that’s where the Harry-Potter-who-gives-a-shit-but-I-would-sure-like-to-write-sonmething-worth-billions successes are.

OK, I’m feeling a bit cynical today. I doubt anyone will be emailing me out of the blue asking me for my Michael Moore-esque rants in print…

But, if you are out there, I will wave like an uncomfortable Sim without a chair at you and hope for the best.

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