They can airbrush it out when she’s famous…

They can airbrush it out when she’s famous…

Yesterday I felt, for the first time, true terror at the thought that my child had been seriously injured.

I picked Mina up from kindy yesterday morning, and we went to the shops to get some groceries. On our way out, she saw a ballerina dress in Best & Less that she wanted, so we went in and bought it. She was so excited about the dress, she carried the bag all the way home.

When we got home, she ran into the house to try on her dress. As she was running up the hallway, she fell over the plastic bag and her head smacked against the door frame. I didnt know that she had hurt herself badly until I ran up the hallway to see if she she was ok. When I looked, there wasa big pool of blood all over the floor, and Mina was holding her head. I got her to take her hand away and it had been cut down to the skull, with it exposed and blood pouring out — it looked like she had been shot in the head.

I FREAKED OUT and called Jason, who a little calmer in a crisis than I am, assessed it and said to call an Ambulance.

We spent the afternoon in PMH whilst Mina was assessed for any serious head injuries. Thankfully, even though it could have been MUCH worse, they managed to glue her head together with special glue, instead of stitches, and hopefully the scarring will be minimal (just a 1″ vertical line on her forehead).

I realised how lucky I am, though, that it is the first time I have had to go to PMH in Mina’s 4 years. There were kids there that were seriously ill, and I felt so lucky that she was ok, save for a pretty nasty gash — it could have been so much worse given the impact in which she fell.

The PMH staff are so awesome — well equipped to deal with kids, and Mina was so brave I have a new found respect for my girl. She was articulate, calm and responsive to the Doctors, and I am just so proud of her. The Dr said that she literally was the best patient he’s ever had.

But, she hasnt needed any pain relief, theyve fixed her up good, and we just need to wait for it to heal.

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