The story to date…

The story to date…

Well, after a week in hospital, I am finally home and sitting blissfully in limbo. Figured I’d write what went on in more detail.

I went to my 25 week appointment where my blood pressure was 130/85, and I was spilling 1+ protein. Not dire as of yet, but given that I had preeclampsia with Mina and I was only 25 weeks and my normal BP is around 110/70, the Dr admitted me to hospital for observation where they took my bloods. Showed that my platelets were low-normal and my liver function was not good, but not critical either. Was told I could go home, but needed to be monitored. I had also previously been to my GP around 24 weeks because of a recurrent headache, where my BP was 135/95. It went down with bedrest.

Anyway, the Drs told me I could go home, but shortly after they came and told me this, I got a ferocious headache and some visual disturbances, like “dust” specks of light, and also felt dizzy and unwell. So the nurse got the Dr and they told me to stay in. They did my blood again and my ALTs were up from the day before, my platelets were slightly lower (although still normal) and I was spilling 2+ protein. BP was up to 140/90–150/90, but then overnight normalised to 120/80–130/80. Classic labile blood pressure…

At this point I was told that making it to term would be a miracle, and we needed to discuss what was going on. I was given the steroids, just in case, even though they weren’t talking delivery just yet. Had the “these are your babys chances” visit from the paediatrician and everything.

After 5 days in hospital, my BP started to normalise again, and I started showing only trace protein in my urine and blood. My ALTs were still up from every day, but not in a life threatening sense. Jules’ fluid was low but nothing else wrong. So I was sent home.

The next night, the headache and dizziness came back and I called the hospital to make sure it was ok. They told me to come in… so at 2:30am I am strapped to a monitor, having BP taken, the usual… 120/80 and 1+ protein, but feeling really awful. Admitted again.

The perinatologist for the hospital scoured my records and reversed the original PE diagnosis, saying that my headaches and dizziness were not PE related — his theory was that it was the Citalopram that I had been on for three weeks (that never occurred to me or my Ob), and that delivery wasn’t imminent anymore because I was only showing high-normal BP and low protein. Huge relief.

But now, I sit in limbo, waiting. My Blood pressure sits around 130/80–140/80 (with some peaks) and I need to wait 3 weeks for my next appointment. I am monitoring BP at home and have urinalysis strips, but having emotionally prepared myself for all this premmie business, it is weird that I feel upset there is no resolution here. The Peri said that there’s a good chance I will develop PE in the next few weeks anyway, and I have had to finish work earlier and rest… but it is this limbo that I just can’t handle. Its so frustrating.

I would never wish for an early delivery or the stress that comes with premmie babies (my sister had twins at 27 weeks and that was AWFUL), but part of me just wants a definitive answer either way! Either I am healthy or I am not…Its just so bloody frustrating. And I am stuck on bedrest, which sucks even more.

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