The League of Extraordinary Idiots…

The League of Extraordinary Idiots…

Let me just share a little bit of stupidity on my part. Normally I am pretty good at troubleshooting computer problems; I generally know the differnece between a RAM problem and a CPU problem, or a software problem. However, I have to say that, despite my usual godliness, I too have my flaws — and that is my occasional inability to see the things are obvious…

So, I had computer problems for the last few days. I had googled, I had mucked around, I had even clean installed Windows… and it was STILL driving me nuts. So, eventually I surrender to the folks at Whirlpool for help. Here is my post:

“Hi Folks,

After 3 days of Googling, new mouse & keyboard, switching from PS/2 to USB AND a complete format and reinstall of XP, I am now desperately searching for any other ideas on my problem.

About 3 days ago My optical mouse started becoming “jittery” — in that it would hang intermittently, freeze up on occasion, and be generally annoying. The old mouse was about 2 years old so I figured I’d go and buy a nice new cordless number, with a keyboard. Plugged it in, still jittery. Stumped.

Thought it might be a virus. Ran 2 different Virus scanners (AVG and NOD32), and Adaware. Nothing.

Thought it might be a problem with the PS/2 plug. Switched it to USB. Still a pain. Stumped.

Tried a Windows Update. New Nvidia drivers rooted my system. Stumped.

Clean install of WIndows XP. Still jittery and, yes, I am stumped. I have googled to my heart’s content and I can’t think of anything else.

The only thing different is the DVD burner I bought 3 weeks ago, but that has been working fine.

Any ideas? My hardware is as follows (due for an upgrade but I was hoping to hold out a few more months):

Athlon XP 1800+
64MB GeForce4 MX440
60GB Seagate
LG DVD burner
Liteon CD Burner
Netcomm modem.

Any help would be very much appreciated. “

Then, I get two replies. One suggested that it was a mainboard problem (which I had suggested). the other said this:

Hmmm…. have you tried it on a different surface?

I put a piece of paper under my mouse. Voila. My visit to idiot city now complete, I then recoil and marvel at my own stupidity… and then think how great it is now that I have a wireless keyboard and mouse AND a clean install of windows…

Feel free to throw rocks at my head.

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