OK….well this seems to be working now! Its weird how hard it is to write when you feel the pressure! I was browsing the net today and found a couple of sites that might be of interest. The first one is which is dedicated to my favourite world leader (AHEM!) George W. Bush. there is a some great stuff there — Be sure to check out the Bushlexia section! There is also a great feminist magazine called “Bitch” magazine. It ha some insightful commentary — mostly dedicated to feminist responses to popular culture. There are some interesting reads there, anyway. The address is What more can I say today? What I am thinking of doing with this is posting articles and then writing my own commentary on it. It might be a news article, a website, or something in the global media. Of course, being hideously lazy on the best of days (not to mention a myriad of assignments that are yet to be written…:)), I may not get here as often as I would like. However, Blogger makes it a little less cumbersome to update, so I may pop in fairly often. We’ll see how it goes huh? 🙂

I suppose I should add a little disclaimer for the rest of my posts. These are my opinions only. While I like to think I am a fairly learned person, and generally do not say things unless there is some basis, I would like to say in advance that I do hold controversial opinions in many areas. There. You were warned. 🙂

  • I will not respond to hate mail. There are a few issues that i already know are likely to incite strong reactions in some people, and I will lay them on the table now.
  • I am a social democrat through and through.
  • I am a feminist.
  • I am opposed to the ‘War on Terror’, even though I have sympathy for the victims of 9/11 (or 11/9 where I come from heh).
  • I formula feed my child.
  • I am not religious and I believe that “god” has been used far too many times as an excuse for oppression.

In other words: Crazy “militant” Americans will not only be ignored, they will be killfiled and reported to their ISP. Same goes for abusive people, militant breastfeeding organisations that suppress choice, fundamentalist ANYTHINGS that preach, whatever. However, if you do email me in a hateful way, be prepared for it to show up here and for me to write a reply.

I am sorry if this appears harsh, but I needed to put this in. I have already received enough loony emails for a lifetime! 🙂

With all that nasty stuff out of the way, I do, however, welcome polite debate! It is what I do! Even if you hold different/opposing views to my own, I am happy to defend my position in a polite and respectful way. 🙂

Well… now that the housekeeping is out of the way…lets get on with eh? 🙂

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