“regain your femininity … after the race”

“regain your femininity … after the race”

I have been watching the Olympic coverage in dribs and drabs (mostly because Channel 7’s coverage is, well, SHIT), but I have been reading fair amounts of news coverage of the events. Anyway, this incredibly sexist article caught my eye, and I thought to myself “Jesus Christ, what a pig”, and left it at that, fully intending to blog about it, but, like always, neglecting to. 🙂

Anyway, I was reading one of my favourite blogs, and Kate Harding summed up pretty much exactly what I was thinking when I read this article, so I might just be lazy and link to it… fuckit, we’re in the midle of an election and my attention span is all of about 2 minutes right now!

It is, apparently, all about the Boobies.

I think that these comments really sum up why I am a feminist. I am a feminist, because no matter what I accomplish, no matter what I achieve, no matter how successful I am, I am acutely aware that it is my body, my face, and my boobs that are my true measures of success.

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