Random Observations…

Random Observations…

1. I think I might have a problem. Whilst ordering my breakfast in the Café downstairs, Anthony Callea’s “The Prayer” came on and I had to use all my strength not cry in a fit of hormonal splendour. Zoloft — STAT!

2. I noticed in said Café that if the Café were a person, you’d think it was a weirdo, because every square inch of the place had its name plastered. If you went to a friend’s house and they had their name all over the walls, you’d be a tad suspicious right?

3. I have been having hormonally charged major sex dreams about Hugh Laurie as Doctor Gregory House ever since they started to show his more tender side around Episode 12. Make of that what you will. And roll on September for Season 2.

4. Going part time at work is the SWEETEST thing ever. My take home pay is roughly the same when you account for the cost of parking, daycare, dropping down a tax bracket. Shame about the whole lack of career progression that occurs if someone is part time though. I think everyone should work 3 days a week. It’s brilliant.

5. Anyone noticed that since the second load of potentially copycat bombings in London, Howard is talking about charging people for having dodgy websites that incite terror? Lets just hope the Delta forums are included in that lot… but seriously, who defines what is inciting terrorism? If we rewind to September 11, many bloggers who were critical of the US reaction were labelled as terrorists, myself included. I think that issue might be a “watch this space” thing, and I only heard 10 seconds of it on ABC, but it deeply concerns me nonetheless.

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