Preeclampsia sucks.

Preeclampsia sucks.

Wasn’t sure whether I should really blog this stuff, but I am bored beyond belief right now, so there! Just so you know, I am suffering big time cabin fever… so don’t hold anything I say against me 🙂

I am into my 26th week in my pregnancy and have been hositalised for preeclampsia… which means that I am having a premature baby. How premature is anyone’s guess, but if you look it up on wikipedia, you’ll see how annoying a disorder it is. In my case, it seems to be attacking my kidneys. No failure yet, but if you’re O negative, look out!

The thing that pisses me off is that I feel perfectly fine 70% of the time. And, during these times I am pretty insistent that I am ok. The Dr told me off saying that that was how preeclampsia kills people…because they feel fine and think they can be out of hospital. So, anyway, I am pissed off at being held here. Big time.

The other thing that pisses me off is that the Cafe/Gift shop downstairs only sells trash magazines — no Economist, no computer mags…just Parenting and PBL papier tabloids… I have finished one novel and am starting another today…

Anyway, I have a much longer post to do, but seeing as I pay $4 an hour for very public intermanet access, I’ll wait until I either get home, or scam a laptop where I can dial up or something from my room. So, whilst I am sure you’re all awaiting my next post with bated breath… too bad bud. If we end up having a king prawn instead of a baby you’ll probably hear even less…

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