Parliamentary!: The Game Show

The Show You've Always Wanted (and Everybody Needs)

Parliamentary!: The Game Show

The Show You've Always Wanted (and Everybody Needs)

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the most exhilarating reality show to ever grace the airwaves: Parliamentary! It’s the show you never knew you needed. Get ready to be entertained, engage in witch hunts, and get your fill of human suffering, comically bad ideas and tribal bickering – without the pain. 

Parliamentary! is the perfect amalgamation of drama, wit, and riveting competition that will have you on the edge of your seat, jeering at your enemies and tearing things down, without the pesky side effect of actually affecting policy. Imagine the thrill of political mudslinging, tribal wars, and grown adults acting like babies, all with the carefree abandon of a game show.

Want to say whatever you like without any real world consequences? Want to clap back and Quote Tweet, drama farm and brigade with abandon? Where you can live-tweet, jeer, and revel in the chaos of political skirmishes and cheering on war, without the world actually coming to an end? 

Parliamentary! is a playground for YouTube political commentators, Twitter jesters, and anyone else who treats serious issues like a joke or team sports. The real world consequences of politics remain safely tucked away, taken care of by people who actually know what they’re talking about, so you can get your jollies and do no harm.

Think Fantasy Football meets Family Feud, meets It’s a Knockout. Influencers, podcasters and unserious Politicians and pundits, squaring off in a battle royale to win hearts and minds. It’s no holds barred, with no topic off-limits, and absolutely no consequences for any of the participants or the world. It’s political theatre and stupidity at its finest, a majestic circus of absurdity and whimsy that will have you laughing, crying, and shouting at your screen.

All so the real grown ups can run things in peace.

But why, you ask, should you invest your time in such a spectacle? Well, first up, it’s the ultimate stress-reliever. Where watching these fools on the news and Twitter would normally stress you out as they cheer on World War Three and make the weight of the world too much to bear, Parliamentary! offers your much-needed escape from the grim reality that these people are in charge. Contestants engage in heated debates over the most ridiculous topics that have nothing to do with people’s lives, like the merits of pineapple on pizza, or whether cats or dogs should be the national pet. Your favourite candidates don ridiculous costumes and perform impromptu musical numbers in competition for your vote.

Once you’ve gotten your rocks off with Parliamentary!, you can then show up on election day and vote with a clear conscience, knowing you’ve had your fill of dickheads and can vote like an adult. So, ladies and gentlemen, say goodbye to the days of treating politics as a joke, and say hello to Parliamentary! – the show of your life.

Whether it is “Filibuster Frenzy”(where contestants take turns delivering impromptu speeches on random subjects for a ridiculously long time without stopping), or “Merry-Go-Debate” (where contestants hop aboard a merry-go-round and tackle the same old political debates), you are destined to have a wonderful time, get the immature and annoying crap out of your system, and keep the attention-seekers and clowns out of the serious business of running the government.

To sign up as a contestant, email, where we will send you information. Note that by signing up as a contestant, you also waive your right to run for office, join a political party, write policy or sit on a jury for the rest of your life.

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