I'm just here for the snacks.

Artificial Intelligence means we're in for quite the ride.

I’m just here for the snacks.

Artificial Intelligence means we're in for quite the ride.

So, I tested an AI-generated content detection tool. You know, because I like to test these things and see how they can be misused by bad actors and report back on exploits…

The tool correctly identified AI written text in a test essay I generated.


However, it also said that all my other articles, that I definitely wrote, in my unstructured and unique very-Téa rhetorical style, were also AI-generated.

I mean yeah, I am kinda like the boss fight for the Matrix and I am very talented at writing fast and good and stuff, but I distinctly remember writing it.

I really hope people don’t start relying on these tools like they do “reputation scores” in HR, to avoid doing any real thinking.


As someone who has watched people rely far too much on social media data (which is wrong, doesn’t accurately represent how people interact and is easily exploited/gamed), or tech that is really, really stupid and doesn’t understand context, strategy, intent, irony, or any of it…

My concern isn’t AI tools, but humans having far too much faith in them, when they are easily gamed.

My concern is how the powerful will use these tools recklessly, take them on face value, and wield them as a weapon and justify it because “the tools said so”.

I get that these shiny tools help you to browse TikTok for longer every day, but you need to know that the data is bad. Bad decisions have been made because of platform manipulation, arbitrary biased algorithms, human failures and bad actors… and the lazy among us can do incredible harm to innocent people, by forming policy based on bad sentiment analysis data, bad content strategy ideas because tools told them that XYZ was popular/trending (even though it is astroturfed and everyone else is censored/quiet), and making really unethical and insane hiring decisions based on stupid tools like Brand Yourself, where the mere mention of politics can put you in the “high risk” category – yes – I’m a POLITICAL SCIENTIST who deradicalises people by meeting them where they’re at so they don’t go further and if you talk to me for two minutes you’d hire me on the spot, you effing nitwit.

Tread carefully. And maybe – just maybe – do the actual work of talking to people, listening to people, paying attention and learning a craft.

That said, I know the data cult will data cult. And they will continue to make terrible decisions and drive us into the ground because of it.

Sit back, enjoy the show, get back to basics and learn an actual skill that doesn’t involve a bunch of predesigned dashboards, spreadsheets and corporate wank.

You cannot replace an experienced, competent human and you most certainly will never attract them if you use these tools to filter them out. You’ll just get more mediocrity. More laziness. No creativity.

Best of luck with that. I happen to be on team human, clever, competent and creative, and I am not threatened by any of it because of those things.

Have a great day.

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