I was interviewed for the Sydney Morning Herald.

I was interviewed for the Sydney Morning Herald.

I was interviewed by Nina Hendy at SMH.

“Téa Smith has carved out a career building websites and copywriting under the business name Kintsugi. But she’s never bothered building one for herself.

The Perth woman insists that most people search for her by name. And she’s right there on LinkedIn, she points out.

“People have recommended me and so a new client often picks up the phone. My business has grown slowly and steadily over the years. I just haven’t seen the relevance of having a website. I don’t see the point.”

Smith admits running a business without a website has relied on an element of luck. “I’ve been leaning on my LinkedIn profile and my blog, which builds my personal brand.”

But Smith is by no means alone. Plenty of other business owners don’t bother with a website, and it’s usually got nothing to do with trying to save a buck. A website just isn’t needed, they say.”

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