I really don't like being right, but you smart people listen, at least :-)

I really don’t like being right, but you smart people listen, at least :-)

Hi all,

I know everyone is a bit (a lot?) anxious… but I am currently processing a lot of everything that is happening. It is totally wild seeing parallel narratives play out, but also good to know that all my research is not for nought, and that I largely saw what was going to happen. 

The bad news is, this is not going to be over for a while. CNN still posting the same gaslighting bullshit. Fox posting bullshit. The Cockwomble in Chief being… well… a colossal dickhead as per usual, whilst everyone screeches and carries on and loses their damn minds.

The good news is (for me, not so great for Americans), most of what I suspected might happen, happened. I definitely don’t like it. I generally don’t do predictions – and to predict this one was always going to be frought. But I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions as I have seen it all unfold like I thought it would. I have been wrong on a couple of things, which I am still analysing, but knowing that we are on the right track is one small upside.

More good news is, that I think I may be starting to find my comedic voice. Not sure how many ranty angry socialist female comics get stage time in this world, but I am so grateful to have you. So the rest is gravy. Because you lot are awesome. Especially those who have spent the last year waiting for me to be funny. heh. Thank you <3

Anyway, I know claiming that I was right is a bit stupid. Not doing that to gloat… but what it shows is that at least that we have started to correctly diagnose the problem. Only when you diagnose the problem can you work towards fixing it.

I am still hoping for a Biden win, with a 2 year window to let the Wokes go absolutely apeshit. I think that might be a blessing. Just so that the Colossal Dickhead in Chief will go back to just being a colossal dickhead that we can ignore. 

It looks like the Democrats still aren’t listening, and are retreating further into their bubble. If they do win they most certainly won’t learn. If they lose, oh Lord can we just make it stop.

Anyway, it’s going to get a bit mental for a while… but I have faith in people. The one weakness the Wokes have is their elitism, and their contempt, mistrust, and underestimation of ordinary people, and their contempt for the working class. 

I have faith in the goodness and intelligence of people, and know intimately just how annoying these people are to interact with and work with, so … let ’em sit on every committee, derail every meeting, run roughshod over everyone reasonable, and see how long people take it. See how long women who have worked for decades representing their districts will enjoy giving up their hard-fought positions to Clymer. heh. I’ve worked in these pressure cookers. Have faith in people.

It’ll be funny. Hopefully the Democrats can get in, everyone shuts the fuck up, and we collectively start paying attention to the REAL authoritarian threat, rather than the distraction that has taken a giant shit on the world’s politics for 4 years straight.

I also posted this on Facebook earlier:

Also I made a GIF. heh.

Thinking of you all.

I really just want to make people laugh, and be free to riff and be silly, and have you learn a thing or two along the way.

I think all our adrenals are completely shot, and so… fuck it. Let the talking toothy corpse that literally made Black Lives not matter for 26 years take the reins. Not because he’s not terrible, but because… fuck it. There’s bigger fights right now, and Trump’s spectacle and the associated histrionics are… well… allowing worse things to happen in the background.

Love to you all, and here’s my stream from today, too.

I promise to try and be funnier and rant-funny, so long as the platforms allow me to.

Love you all. Stay safe, stay sane xx


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