July 11, 2006

I just saw the funniest thing…

I just saw the funniest thing…

Donald Grump on Sesame Street.

A Donald Trump parody on Sesame Street. Only Sesame Street can do something this priceless, with a grouch muppet version of Donald Trump, called Donald Grump.

Complete with orange wig and the catchphrase: “scram, you’re fired!”.

You gotta love Sesame Street. I wish I could find it on YouTube to show you. Not since Cookie Monster had cookie withdrawals and hallucinations was there a funnier Sesame Steet Segment.

After a quick Google, I also found out the Dr Phil has a muppet version of himself that will appear, as will some segments called “Desperate Houseplants” and “Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy”

All I can say is: Fucking Classic.