God they give me the shits.

For these breeders who have so many children and claim to be superior parents, they sure spend an awful amount of time on internet boards. Where *are* their kids when they are online all day bitching?


At least I admit that my kid has been plonked in front of the Disney Channel. I am not sitting around saying how I am so committed to the philosophy of “natural” parenting that I’ll sit on my fat arse on the intermanet talking to other “natural” parents about how good it is being them…meanwhile, where the FUCK are the kids?

I am guessing that cavewomen didn’t have ADSL. Fuck off.

For more glassings, visit I stole their idea 🙂

EDIT: Sorry for closing down comments, but I appear to have been attacked by the feral mother trolls.

EDIT 2: Comments have been opened again at the request of some latecomers. Enjoy!

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