Further proof that I am a terrible mother…

Further proof that I am a terrible mother…

Mina is finishing up daycare and starting Pre Primary, and they have provided us with a nice little “Report” on their development etc, but without the assessment or comparison of school. It was so nice to recieve Mina’s report, because really, when its in there in black and white that she is a well adjusted, extremely intelligent and well-liked child — all of that insecurity and doubt (and accusations about my mothering from internet fucktards) just — melt away.

They had a few headings, under fine motor, gross motor and reading/writing etc, but the one that struck me right in the chest and made me smile my biggest smile was this:

I just love that my little girl is described this way. I am proud that she is quiet and has meaningful friendships, but also doesn’t take shit from anyone. We had real concerns about Mina’s ability to be assertive and its just wonderful to see that.

I really think that its these moments that Jason and I can sit back, reflect and actually congratulate ourselves on making such a beautiful little kid that has an amazingly bright future ahead of her. And to those who have in the past questioned my parenting methods, go choke on it.

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