Exam time!

I hate this time of year…

My house is a mess, my daughter and husband are neglected, and I get more blogging done than ever before.

Thats right, its exam time! This means that I need to do all the assignments a day before they are due, beg for extensions, scramble to get them in, then study for and sit an exam for a subject I did no reading for throughout the semester. Ah well, such is life 🙂

In other news, I got a sample of Britney Spears’ perfume, “Curious” (muffled laughter). I imagined it would smell something like Doritos and sweat, but its actually a really nice fragrance. Problem is, if I want to go buy it, I need to go and buy Britney Spears perfume… I can just imagine the retail assistant at Myer having a secret laugh to herself. Then again, the women on those counters are ususally so shallow and stupid they probably wouldn’t even care.

Ah heck, why deal with them at all. Might just buy it online. But I can’t wait for that nice workmate to say “I like your perfume, what is it?” and have me just burst out laughing and say its Britney perfume. lol.

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