Bogan Grief Week 2006.

Bogan Grief Week 2006.

I have been reluctant to post about the death of Steve Irwin and the circus that followed, partially because I am lazy, partially because I had to process the whole debacle, and mostly because I was off commenting in my sanctuary, The Spin Starts Here.

I was really sad to read about Steve Irwin being killed. I even shed a tear when I heard. Despite him being a bit of a tool occasionally, he made his living — and his legacy — with passion. There’s not really much that a person can say against someone who lives by the sword and dies by it, and all we can ever hope for is that we are remembered for living our lives with the same passion and enthusiasm that Steve had, no matter what that might be.

Leaving behind two small children is something that nobody ever wants. It was tragic and my heart goes out to Terri.

But thats where it ends.

My contempt for bogans has been magnified by 100x since the death of Steve Irwin, purely because they just don’t seem to get that they are absolute fucking tools. Saying that someone is somehow insensitive or “unAustralian” for simply expressing contempt towards thier unthinking, unquestioning behaviour is exactly why this country gives me the shits. It seems to be controlled by this blind majority of morons, who don’t understand anything to do with nuance or complexity, and simply abuse people who actually are brave enough to tell them to shut the fuck up.

Like Germaine Greer. One of the single greatest contributors to Australian (and Western) society in our time.

But of course, the bogan majority in this country, not actually having any understanding of who Germaine Greer even is in the first place, have decided that it’d be fun to tell her to “get a root”. Well, I ask, what the fuck have YOU contributed to your community besides consuming precious oil and oxygen? When was the last time you actually sat down, reflected on things, and actually QUESTIONED the role that you play in this world?

A person’s death often gives us the opportunity to reflect on the impact they have made, and despite Germaine Greer’s lack of tact (which of course, is pure Germaine Greer… and if you knew her you wouldn’t be so surprised that she’d be controversial.), she did make some pretty accurate assessments of the PUBLIC face of Steve Irwin and how his legacy may impact in time.

The Memorial was held yesterday, and I only caught a little bit because my head nearly exploded when Jason told me they played “True Blue”… but there was one part that made me think a little bit about how a person’s death can easily become fodder for tackiness.

The thing that made me vomit a little bit in my mouth was the homemade signs that the bogans had made… like somehow they intended to go to Idol or Big Brother and accidentally ended up at Steve’s funeral. I half expected it to be a reversible sign (seeing as they already spent the $1.40 on Fluro green card after all) that says “MARRY ME BOBBY FLYNN” on the other side.

It was a FUCKING MEMORIAL. Leave the banners at home. Nobody gives a fuck about your glitter glue Croc Hunter.

Anyway, I stand by what I think and I am sure I am inviting a few trolls with it, but fuck it, who cares. At least I might get told I need to get laid and other brilliant comebacks.

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