Who cares about being on the "right" side of history when it's written by the winners?


Who cares about being on the "right" side of history when it's written by the winners?

I see ‘activists’ (by which I mean people being irritating AF on Twitter) using “be on the right side of history”. I mean, Twitter activism is full of dumb platitudes, but I have also seen activists in real life thing this has actual meaning.

The “right side of history” argument is absurd. Not to mention ahistorical.

I don’t need to worry about my place in history.

And neither do you.

If you know how it works, as I do, you know how that plays out for women like me. I know that my oppressors and bullies are the narrators of my life story.

Madonna/Whore. Thinker/Crazy. Left/Right. Good Guy/Enemy. Honest/Unprofessional. Feminist/Bigot.

Or, most likely, because of the curse of two X chromosomes, nothing at all.

A blip.

It’s actually liberating. Which is why I will only ever say what I mean, and if I mess up, own what I say. This is my record. This is my chance to be remembered. It’s why I will be putting up the entirety of my blog posts again, after sanitising it for years.

It may be my last chance, if things progress much further.

Speaking of ahistorical.

It is ironic that the nation that was founded and built by eccentrics who failed upwards…
… is now actively erasing eccentrics from history.

This is what Corporate America’s Branded Content Internet is.

This is what it has become.

No eccentrics allowed.

There’s something wrong with you.

You’re not okay. R U OK? Why don’t you Lean In? Where’s your elevator pitch… I have a 2 hour Zoom meeting about TPS reports to get to.

This is why I quit doing client work.

I wanted the eccentrics to make their mark.

Instead, you are a user, a consumer, a needle to nudge.

We are the mark.

You are not exceptional.

But America is. Their dysfunction at the macro level is acceptable. Our leaders’ dysfunction (and outright psychopathy) is acceptable.

Ours is not. Some of us, if born fortunate, get to lead a war on the poor and vulnerable in our society.

I got a 12 hour suspension for calling Musk a cunt. But they can’t ban me here. Cunt.

The rest of us get (at best) lamotrigine for thinking too hard or getting upset at the world around us, or for pointing out the glaring discrepancy between a poor mental patient and billionaire psychopaths – I mean – eccentric.

The DSM V is used as a weapon for the poor eccentrics and non-eccentrics alike, who dare point out the real mental illness, which is the worship of dick rockets in a pandemic, or healthcare, or surveillance.

This is the biggest historical threat that big tech, government and its dominance over our interactions present.

A war on the eccentrics. The dissenters. The mildly annoying people who call morons morons.

And the criminalisation and pathologisation of deviation from the homogenised thought of US Corporate HR Departments & Ivy League Schools.

Ah well. I’m gunna say it anyway.


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