Bits and Pieces…and whinges.

Bits and Pieces…and whinges.

Just a quick note to tell you all that I haven’t forgotten you…I am just flat out. Couple of reasons.

First, I feel like shit because I am 11 weeks pregnant with what I think is a son. We don’t know yet, of course, but only a man could make me feel this crap 😉 9th day in a row that I have had a headache, wanting to spray pea soup every 20 minutes, sore back, threatened miscarriage twice — everything that didn’t happen with Mina has been happening with this one. Which means that it won’t sleep through the night at 4 weeks. Yay. Ah well. It should be over soon.

Second, I started a new job a few weeks ago. Takes most of my strength to make it through the day at the moment, but so far its good. Its actual real work, so thats a good thing.

Third, I am so far behind with my Uni work that I have considered dropping out several times over. But that would be defeatist of me (I also saw that, thanks to Mr Howard, a semester has gone from $2000 to $4000 and it would be a real waste of money to quit)! I took on a full time load too, so you can probably imagine that I am not sitting too pretty at the moment. I have 2 that ae way overdue, another 3 that are about to become due… aaaaaaargh. But, I am definitely taking 6 months off after this. And yes, I have been saying that for a year and never do. But now I will have finished the coursework component, its a good time to take a break (oh, and I am having a BABY by crippling c-section too!)

So yes, I am juggling as best I can and havent had much time to blog.

Oh and a public congrats to my friends James and Diana on their engagement. Ahhh, I remember when I was a young free whipper snapper too.

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