I repeated Year 12. I was obsessed with animation and design, but, faced with the choice between the “risky” Multimedia degree and the “safe” option of Politics and Law, guess which degree I chose.

I had no interest in a Computer Science degree because it had too much Maths in it.

Yep, I went to University and studied Politics and Law. I took as many Multimedia & Comms electives as they would let me take. Became obsessed with political communications and persuasion.

I overshared every aspect of my life on my website. I spilled all my secrets online, because none of my friends or family were there. It’s hard to explain today that I wrote my secrets on the internet. The old schoolers will understand what I meant. That would come back to haunt me. Again, this theme, where hindsight is 2020.

Obsessed with Lisa Loeb, in 1998 I created the very first iteration of “Wild Plums & Agrimony” – a website dedicated to Guitar tabs of her music.

My website was best viewed at 800×600 resolution in Netscape Navigator. It was also in CSS not tables without a Spacer GIF in sight and that was a big deal.

Was, of course, a student politician. Was Education Vice President and NUS and all that stuff. Joined the ALP. Was asked to stack branches. Left the ALP.