My daughter was born at 11:55pm on September 10, 2001. The world got weird for me.

Like every first time mother, and having absolutely no idea what the fuck I was doing with very little support (or role models), I wrote about my insecurities and warts and all stuff online. I loved being a Mum. I loved my daughter. But youth and this new tool with no clear rules for how it interfaced with the real world, I started to see trouble. Hurt family members, offended ex-classmates, and lots and lots of memorable fights (mostly with women) on mother’s groups, Usenet groups, email lists, you name it. I was kind of mouthy. It was my story and I could tell my story in my words. It was my lived experience, after all. I defended that position until 2017.

Fun fact: in 2001, my boss at the computer store I worked at found out I was pregnant by reading my website. That’s the day I learned that the Internet wasn’t all that private. Or, did I?

Sorry, Mina. I didn’t know any better. I love you.