Built a following and quite a popular blog. Never kept stats, but had a lot of comments. I also contributed to a bunch of other blogs. I became known for being snarky.

Which, in your twenties is definitely cool.

In your late thirties, you just sound bitter and defensive.

I found out my blog was more popular than I realised when a friend sent me a photo of my blog being showcased in a Comms class at ECU. That was super, super weird. That friend made his own parody religion website. I once had a 30-email conversation with his autoresponder when he went on vacation. That was fun.

Nearly died. My stomach leaked into my guts and I nearly left my kids without a mother. It scared me. It was a hard recovery. My husband blogged whilst I was in a coma, and hundreds of people rallied around me online, waiting for news and sending wishes. I felt the warmth of that support and it helped me recover.

I blogged through that. I had a third kid and blogged. Blogged and blogged. Then, as Facebook & Twitter slowly replaced the minutiae, my oversharing went omnichannel, as you do.