In 2010, my life fell apart. The stress of the GFC (most of my income was in USD), a premature baby, and barely recovering from that… and then my grandma died of a brain tumour. I blogged. My husband got injured at work and we were plunged into a year of fighting an Insurance Company. We tried, but we didn’t make it. Got divorced. Blogged. Got shit for it.

Started to see early mobs forming on Twitter. I was on the receiving end of a particularly vicious one, who targeted me from every direction: blog, social media, Facebook, my work email. I couldn’t escape. I got death threats and had to call the Police.

The Police laughed at me and said to just turn off my computer. I wrote through it, and just kept going.

In 2011, I went viral for something embarrassing.

Deleted blog and all social media except Facebook.

Moved to Sydney. Facebooked that. Got shit for it. Started second business with someone I shouldn’t have. Business ended. Regretted. Moved back to Perth. Healed. Still regret, but take the lessons with me.