Graduated. Realising an Arts degree was slightly less lucrative than Computer Science, I got plunged into the real world. Turns out, jobs suck in the real world. I worked in IT recruitment, then in Human Resources for a bit, but then managed to get a placement in the country as a graduate child protection worker. I then worked with kids in Foster Care, and trained Foster Carers for the intensive placement program. I reached a point where I knew if I stayed in this work I would have to lose my empathy. So I quit and went in to policy.

All this time, I did websites for fun. I accidentally downloaded One Night in Paris four times in a row trying to get Pirates of the Caribbean on VCD via Limewire. The old schoolers feel me.

Participated in Internet forums, wrote lots and became part of the furniture on the Lisa Loeb fan forum.

Kept my (unwittingly) popular website, blog and guitar tab site running – which I would love redesignin every 2 months. We don’t talk about my Xara 3D and NetObjects Fusion and hyper-literal skeuomorph phase. I learned to render 3D and animate in Flash.

I learned Blogger and then Movable Type theming. It was annoying.

My website was best viewed at 1024×768 resolution in IE5.5.

Joined the Greens and did stuff, including being Secretary and Policy Convenor for a bit.