Met new husband. Went into business with new husband. Husband amazing.Husband doesn’t give a shit about social media and his YouTube is only full of How-To videos and rockets and shit.

Cleaned up my archives and put my site back up, with a whole bunch missing.

Kintsugi did well. More websites, more design, more content, more strategy… the usual. Some big clients were on the books, and they loved us! We were a dream team that did the work of ten people and did it within budget and on time.

Everyone would appreciate that, right?


We were going to change the industry! We did great work. People came to us when they needed something done properly, or fixed, or done right. We could do anything and fix anything, and we even started to build products that would sell like hotcakes if we could just get the funding.

Oh, the funding. The money men. The people who wanted us to strip all our products of anything that made them… good.

I was on a mission. I was fighting for the user. I was telling everyone that it was irresponsible to hide behind obscure EULAs. I was advising them on best practice and making sure that everything was done right.

I had tenure in the industry and people respected me, right? Those “MarTech” and black hat folks are crooks and everyone sees it, right?

I was wrong. When faced with the choice between ethics and the leads, they chose the leads every single time.

I was the only User Experience consultant in town talking about our Duty of Care and ethics. The money ensured it stayed that way.