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So, here’s the deal. I really don’t want to paywall my work. But we also need to paywall it to make money. So, I thought, hey, let’s do a thing where I trust people. On the internet. What? Huh? Are you crazy? Well, yeah but that’s not the point.

How about I ask those who have it, and can afford it, pay what they want, and it helps keep my future content free for everyone.

If feel-good vibes alone don’t do it for you, VIPs get the perk of being able to interact, some additional resources/downloads to go with every post, the occasional gift or whatever, and get early/special access… including some of the old/private stuff that has been deleted/regretted over the years.

A big part of the Internet is Free problem, is that it isn’t free. Nothing is. If it is free for you, someone has paid for it. But I don’t want to have to get assholes to dangle money, so, I’m asking you to do it instead.

You’ll also get a premium newsletter – which is a much more honest and candid – think Téa After Dark version – with some extra content/commentary, and a selection of curated articles and analysis by me. Maybe even a Zoom call if you pay enough and I can be arsed 🙂

I will never claim to be the news and never claim to be fair and balanced. But, I will be sincere, good faith, thought through, hopefully make you laugh from time to time, and – well let’s be honest – is probably better than most of the news.