How a normal person (like me) sees #twitter and #twitch

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How a normal person (like me) sees #twitter and #twitch

Summary 1:
The speaker expresses their view that platforms like Twitter and Twitch are juvenile and unnecessary, questioning why adults use them. They also mention the annoyance of dealing with online trolls. LinkedIn and hospitals are mentioned briefly.

Summary 2:
The speaker shares their perspective on Twitter, perceiving it as a platform for immaturity and finding it meaningless to be engaging with it. They highlight the frustration of witnessing online trolls and how they personally use the platform for improvising. A mention is made about LinkedIn and hospitals, but no further context is provided.

Summary 3:
According to the speaker, platforms like Twitter and Twitch are viewed as nonsensical and childish, leaving them puzzled as to why grown adults would engage in such activities. They elaborate on their experience of encountering trolls online and their approach of utilizing Twitter for improvisation purposes. Additionally, LinkedIn and hospitals are mentioned, although no additional information is shared about them.

Summary 4:
In the speaker’s perspective, Twitter and Twitch are perceived as juvenile and pointless. They express confusion regarding the participation of adults in these platforms and comment on the displeasure of encountering trolls online. The speaker discloses that they personally use Twitter for improvisational purposes. Brief mentions of LinkedIn and hospitals are included.

Summary 5:
According to the speaker, platforms like Twitter and Twitch appear immature and pointless to them, questioning the rationale for adults engaging in such activities. They describe the frustration of encountering trolls on these platforms. Additionally, the speaker reveals their use of Twitter for riffing. Although the speaker briefly mentions LinkedIn and hospitals, no further details are provided.