Guys, it’s not 2018. The IDW “thinkers” have shown you who they are.

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Guys, it’s not 2018. The IDW “thinkers” have shown you who they are.

Summary 1: The speaker recalls a recent interaction that reminded them of how long they have been involved in the culture wars and how things have changed since they started making YouTube videos in 2018. They express frustration at people who are not keeping up with the evolving discourse and mention a strange interaction with someone who seems to have become involved in the debate more recently.

Summary 2: The speaker discusses their experience of starting their YouTube channel in 2018 and reflects on how the culture wars and the discourse around certain issues have evolved since then. They talk about feeling frustrated with those who are new to the debate and not fully understanding the history or changes that have taken place. They mention an unusual interaction they had with someone who seems to have been influenced by the Terf community.

Summary 3: The speaker shares their thoughts on the current state of the culture wars, mentioning the constant news cycle and the lack of attention people pay to how things have changed. They refer to Ricky Gervais’ recent comedy special and how pointing out that it wasn’t his best work can be seen as going against one’s “tribe” or loyalty. They also mention their encounter with someone influenced by the Terf community and express frustration with people who make claims about the left without truly understanding it.

Summary 4: The speaker dives deeper into their frustrations with the discourse surrounding the culture wars. They talk about distinct groups of people based on when they entered the debate, mentioning those who were exposed to it in the years prior to the pandemic versus those who became interested during or after the pandemic. They discuss an interaction they had with someone who lacks knowledge about the topic but is willing to make assertions and receives support from the right-wing community.

Summary 5: The speaker delves into the double down mindset seen in younger cohorts regarding the culture wars. They mention being seen as an “elder” due to their involvement in the debate for a longer period of time. They express disappointment with people who are doubling down without realizing the consequences and discuss professionals who have burned bridges and are now forced to align themselves with right-wing voices or pursue other avenues.

Summary 6: The speaker reflects on their recent interaction with someone who started out as a fan artist for gender critical feminists. They highlight the double down mentality seen in younger cohorts and express concern for those who participated in the culture wars during the pandemic without fully understanding the repercussions. They mention individuals who now find themselves having burnt professional bridges and resorting to collaborating with right-wingers or trying to mend their damaged reputations.