[Clip] Expect Threads Censorship; Respect the end user

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[Clip] Expect Threads Censorship; Respect the end user

Summary 1: The speaker believes that it is reasonable to accept censorship on social media platforms and that content creators should be mindful of the impact their posts have on others.

Summary 2: The speaker reflects on their own experience of learning to consider the effects of their rapid-fire posting on users who may not be following many people, emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding the effort it takes to gain and retain attention.

Summary 3: The speaker criticizes astroturfers, bots, and individuals who engage in negative behavior on social media, arguing that they fail to recognize the cost of their actions and the opportunity cost for users who may not want to see their content.

Summary 4: The speaker encourages content creators to respect user consent and opt-in preferences, emphasizing that opt-in is not just about checking a box but about respecting the end user and their preferences.

Summary 5: The speaker highlights the importance of respecting the audience, being a decent person, and avoiding alienating users with excessive or offensive content, as this can lead to them blocking or muting the content creator.

Summary 6: The speaker expresses frustration with individuals who complain about censorship without considering the user experience or their own responsibility to create content that people actually want to see.

Summary 7: The speaker underscores the significance of recognizing that every attention given to content is a valuable use of someone’s life seconds, emphasizing the need for humility, restraint, gratitude, and empathy when creating and sharing content.